Performance Task Teacher Resources

Administration Support Documents

Training Modules

Modules are designed to provide teachers with an overview of FSAA procedures with detailed processes that occur before, during, or after administration.

Administration Training Tutorials

Tutorials are designed to provide teachers with additional FSAA training opportunities on administration procedures and navigation of the FSAA—Performance Task Online System. Participation in the tutorials will not be tracked or sent to Alternate Assessment Coordinators; therefore, teachers will not be asked to provide contact information.

Online System Tutorials

The FSAA—Performance Task Online System tutorials will primarily demonstrate functionality topics such as how to log in and navigate the website. By participating in a demonstration of the system using this show-and-explain method, users can experience how the system responds to specific actions before interacting with the live environments.

Closed captioning may be accessed by clicking the "cc" button located on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen once the training modules have loaded.