Welcome to the FSAA—Datafolio Portal

The FSAA—Datafolio assesses the educational performance and growth of students through a collection of student work across three specific collection periods throughout the year. Eligible students are those students with the most significant cognitive disabilities who typically do not have a formal mode of communication and are working at pre-academic levels. This assessment is designed to show student progress on a continuum of access toward academic content. For these students, participation in the FSAA—Datafolio has been determined by the individual educational plan (IEP) team to be the most appropriate method for assessing growth.

Important Assessment Dates for 2020–2021

Events Dates Locations
2020–2021 Administration Trainings Various Dates Virtual
Assessment View System (AVS) Opens August 31, 2020 Online
Collection Period #1 (CP #1) August 31–October 9, 2020 Classrooms
AVS Upload of CP #1 Evidence August 31–November 13, 2020 Online
Goal Setting Upon completion of the first collection period Online
Collection Period #2 (CP #2) November 16–December 18, 2020 Classrooms
AVS Upload of CP #2 Evidence November 16, 2020–March 9, 2021 Online
Collection Period #3 (CP #3) March 1–April 26, 2021 Classrooms
AVS Upload of CP #3 Evidence March 1–May 3, 2021 Online
AVS Closes at 11:59 p.m. (ET) May 3, 2021 Online
FSAA—Datafolio Scoring Spring 2021 Alpharetta, GA